Instructor Procedures for Test Requests

If a test request is not submitted, the instructor can assume that the student plans to test in the classroom and not use accommodations. The testing center is located on the ground floor of Montgomery Hall.

Submitting a Test Request: Student and Instructor Roles

In order for a student to take a test at the DRC Testing Center, a test request must be submitted. Test request submission is the responsibility of the student; test request review is the responsibility of the instructor. The process for testing at the DRC Testing Center is as follows:

  • Students are required to submit test requests 3 working days in advance through Banner.
  • Once a test request has been submitted, the instructor and the DRC Testing Center will be notified via email that a test request has been made.
  • Instructors should review all test requests and contact the DRC and student if there is a concern about a test request.
  • If the instructor does not notify the DRC about changes to the test request, it is assumed that the information submitted by the student is accurate.

 Exceptions that Allow for Alternate Test Times

  • Evening classes
  • Test-time extensions that conflict with other classes
  • Test times that extend beyond the DRC's office hours of M-F, 8:00-5:00.
  • Medical emergencies
  • School sanctioned events