How to Find Student's Accommodations in Canvas and Banner

Locating Student Accommodations in Banner:

Accommodations for students are listed on each instructor's class roster. 

  1. Locate your class roster by logging into your MyState account 
  2. Click on the Banner Tab
  3. Under myBanner for Faculty, click the "Class Roster" menu link under the Registration menu
  4. Once in your class roster, click the link with the timestamp under the column "Disability Accommodations" to view a list of the accommodations.

Locating Student Accommodations in Canvas:

From your course navigation menu, click on Disability Accommodations. The Student Disability Accommodations page will appear in Canvas. This page will list only students with accommodations and will mirror what can be found in Banner. Each of the displayed column can be sorted.  In the top right corner, a Search feature is available to search by student name, MSU ID, NetID, or keyword.
Additional instructions can be found at Accessing Student Accommodations in Canvas.