Apply for Accommodations

How to Apply

  1. Log in to MyState:
  2. Under Apps and Services, select Banner.
  3. Select the Student tab.
  4. In the Academic Records column, click “Disability Resource Center Application.”
  5. Documentation of disability can be uploaded with the online application.
  6. Call 662-325-3335 to arrange a conversation with DRC staff about your accommodation request.
  7. You are also welcome to visit the DRC staff for a meeting on the ground floor of Montgomery Hall.
  8. If you have a diagnosis of Autism, visit this link for information concerning MSU's Autism Liaison program: This is a beneficial resource, but it is not required to obtain accommodations from the DRC.

Documentation Information

Disability-related documentation should provide information on the functional impact of the disability so that effective accommodations can be identified. Criteria for the source, scope and content of documentation differs by disability type. Documentation may include assessments, reports, and/or letters from qualified evaluators, professionals, or institutions. Common sources of documentation are health care providers, psychologists, diagnosticians, and/or information from a previous school (e.g., accommodation agreements/letters, 504, or IEP documents).

Suggested Documentation 

  1. Typed on letterhead, dated, and signed by a qualified professional
  2. Diagnostic Statement with any related diagnostic methodology (diagnostic criteria and/or procedures)
  3. Symptoms experienced by the individual.
  4. Functional limitations to life activities. (Limitations inform which accommodations are appropriate.)
  5. Severity and frequency of the symptoms
  6. Expected progression of the symptoms or condition.
  7. Current medication(s) and any related side-effects.

Submitting Documentation

Documentation can be submitted to the Disability Resource Center by the student requesting accommodations or from the professional proving the documentation.

The DRC office will accept documentation through the follow channels: