Faculty Rights & Responsibilities

Faculty Roles, Rights, and Responsibilities

The number of students with disabilities attending postsecondary education continues to increase each year. Faculty and staff need to be well-informed about the roles, rights and responsibilities postsecondary institutions have towards support students with disabilities.

Faculty Roles

  • Make Reasonable Accommodations
  • Provide Access to Classroom & Materials
  • Maintain Confidentiality

Confidentiality in the accommodation process must be maintained by all parties. Faculty should refrain from discussing students’ disabilities and necessary accommodations in the hearing of fellow students or others who do not have an "educational need to know".

While it is the instructor's responsibility to ensure that the learning environment is accessible, students must request accommodations. Instructors will find it useful to include a statement on their syllabus which directs students with disabilities about the steps they need to take to receive classroom accommodations.

Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

Students with disabilities in need of accommodations to meet the expectations of this course are encouraged to bring this need to the attention of the instructor and should register with the Office of Student Support Services as soon as possible. The Office of Student & Disability Resource Center is located in 01 Montgomery Hall, (662) 325-3335 (phone), and https://www.drc.msstate.edu (web address).

Faculty Rights

Faculty members have the right to:

  • Maintain academic standards for courses
  • Determine course content and how it will be taught
  • Confirm a student's request for accommodations and ask for clarification about a specific accommodation with Disability Services
  • Deny a request for accommodation - if the student has not been approved for such accommodation

Faculty members do not have the right to:

  • Refuse to provide an approved accommodation for a documented disability
  • Challenge the legitimacy of a student's disability
  • Review a student’s documentation, including diagnostic data

Faculty Responsibilities

Faculty members have the responsibility to:

  • Understand laws and university's guidelines regarding students with disabilities
  • Refer students to Disability Resource Center when necessary
  • Provide requested accommodations and academic adjustments to students who have documented disabilities in a timely manner
  • Maintain appropriate confidentiality of records concerning students with disabilities except when disclosure is required by law or authorized by the student
  • Provide handouts, videos and other course materials in accessible formats upon request