The Disability Resource Center serves MSU students will disabilities. The DRC staff works to provide individualized accommodations and support services while promoting student responsibility and self-advocacy. It is the student’s responsibility to self-identify their need for academic accommodations and services by completing the following steps: 

  • Submit an application and provide appropriate documentation of the disability to the DRC,
  • Formally request accommodations during an accommodation meeting,
  • Send Notification Letters to instructors through the Banner portal, and
  • Meet with each instructor to discuss the implementation of accommodations.

Once a students has been accepted to the University, the process of registering with the DRC can begin.

  • An application for accommodations can be submitted through the student’s Banner account. Please review the application process at Applying for Accommodations.
  • In order to provide appropriate documentation, communication the Documentation Guidelines with the student’s health care provider. 
  • The DRC will send all correspondence via Bully Mail, so it important for students to check their email often.