Providing Academic Accommodations

Instructor Notification Process for Academic Accommodations

After accommodations have been assigned, the student is responsible for sending instructor(s) a Notification Letter. It is the responsibility and choice of the student to notify instructors of accommodations. The Notification Letter will indicate that the students receives academic accommodations and how to find their accommodations in Banner. The Notification Letter will arrive as an email sent through the DRC email account. 

  • The student will select the course(s) in which accommodations are needed, and a Notification Letter will be emailed to the instructor of record from the DRC email.
  • Student must send Notification Letters prior to receiving accommodations.
  • Some accommodations may take additional time to implement.
  • Students must send Notification Letters each semester when they have new instructors.
  • Accommodations can be located in the instructor's course roster in Banner.
  • A Notification Letter is not a test request. 

How to Find Student Accommodations


Accommodations for students are listed on each instructor's class roster. To locate your class roster, log into your MyState account and click on the Banner Tab. Then click the "Class Roster" menu link under the Registration menu section under MyBanner For Faculty. Once in your class roster, click the link with the timestamp under the column "Disability Accommodations" to view a list of the accommodations.


  1. From your course navigation menu, click on Disability Accommodations.
  2. The Student Disability Accommodations page will appear in Canvas. This page will list only students with accommodations and will mirror what can be found in Banner. Each of the displayed column can be sorted.  In the top right corner a Search feature is available to search by student name, MSU ID, NetID, or keyword.
  3. Accessing Student Accommodations in Canvas

Testing Accommodations

The DRC Testing Center is provided to assist faculty in responding to academic accommodations related to testing such as extended testing time, distraction reduced testing environment, reader/writer, etc. If a test request is not submitted, the instructor can assume that the student plans to test in the classroom and not use accommodations. The testing center is located on the ground floor of Montgomery Hall.

Submitting a Test Request: Student and Instructor Role

In order for a student to take a test at the DRC Testing Center, a test request must be submitted. Test request submission is the responsibility of the student; test request review is the responsibility of the instructor. The process for testing at the DRC Testing Center is as follows:

  • Students are required to submit test requests 3 working days in advance through Banner.
  • Once a test request has been submitted, the instructor and the DRC Testing Center will be notified via email that a test request has been made.
  • Instructors should review all test requests, and contact the DRC and student if there is a concern about a test request.
  • If the instructor does not notify the DRC about changes to the test request, it is assumed that the information submitted by the student is accurate.

Exceptions that allow for Alternate Test Times

  • Evening classes
  • Test-time extensions that conflict with other classes
  • Test times that extend beyond the DRC's office hours of M-F, 8:00-5:00.
  • Medical emergencies

Providing Test to the DRC Testing Center

Once a student has submitted a test request, the instructor will receive an email notification from the DRC. 

If the Test is on Paper:

  • The instructor can either deliver the test to the DRC Testing Center or email it to Please do not use campus mail for test delivery.
  • If emailing the test, attach it to the student's test request or indicate the student's name, course information, and date/time of test when emailing the test.
  • If there is important information that must be relayed to the student, please include it in a coversheet or instructions (ex. scantron, calculator, notes)

If the Test is Online:

  • If the student is planning to test in the DRC computer lab and a password is required to access the test, please email the password to the DRC with the submitted test request.
  • Extended the testing time for the student
  • How to provide extended time on assignments and tests in Canvas: Canvas: Providing Extended Time Accommodations

DRC Returning Tests to Instructors

  • Completed tests can be picked up by the instructor or sent by emailed.
  • The DRC will scan and email tests by the end of the following business day.
  • If instructor prefers to pick up tests, they must notify the DRC office when dropping off or emailing test. Tests can be picked up during office hours.