About Us

The Disability Resource Center (DRC) is responsible for housing documentation of all students with disabilities who identify themselves to the university and request accommodations. The type of services and accommodations provided depends on the needs of the individual student and are based on the documentation provided, as well as what is reasonable to provide. DRC supplies students with notification letters to give to their professors and advisors by using a web request form. Testing accommodations are requested by the student via a web request form, as well. Priority pre-registration is provided to all DRC students who remain active in our database. DRC serves as the coordinating body for services, provided to students with disabilities by other divisions within the university, as well as by state rehabilitation agencies.

The ACCESS program seeks to provide educational access and opportunity through individual support and services for the academic and social inclusion of students with intellectual disabilities (as defined by the Higher Education Opportunity Act) who are accepted to the University as special non-degree seeking program participants.