Housing Accommodations

Housing Requests

Disability-related housing accommodations are to be requested through the Disability Resource Center.

  • Students with disabilities requesting housing accommodations must begin the process by submitting the request to DRC. Students must provide documentation from an appropriate professional indicating diagnosis and the need for housing accommodations. 
  • Instructions for how to apply for housing accommodations can be found at How to Apply for Accommodations

Emotional Support Animal (ESA)

ESA Application

An Emotional Support Animal (ESA) is an animal that provides therapeutic emotional support for an individual with a diagnosed mental health disability. Students requesting an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) must submit an application to the DRC. Students must provide documentation from an appropriate professional indicating diagnosis and the need for the ESA.

Important ESA Information:

  1. Only one ESA will be permitted per room in a residence hall
  2. Students who are in violation of the Housing and Residence Life contract will no longer be permitted to have anESA at MSU
  3. ESAs are not permitted in dining halls, academic buildings, or any other public spaces on campus.
  4. ESA that requires a heat lamp will not be approved
  5. ESA must be current on vaccinations and have a clean bill of health from a veterinarian
  6. Bringing an unapproved animal to campus is a violation of housing regulations and the student will be subject todisciplinary measures.
  7. Application for an ESA can be submitted anytime.
  8. ESA approvals can take up to 60 days.

ESA Application Process:

  1. Submit an application to the Disability Resource Center. See "How to Apply” at www.drc.msstate.edu.
  2. Upload the following documents to your DRC application:
    • ESA Application which must include the following:
      • Completed Emotional Support Animal Request Form (pg. 5-6 of ESA Application Packet)
      • Student Agreement to ESA Policy (pg. 7 of ESA Application Packet) - This is consent allowing DRC/Housing and Residence Life staff to disclose info regarding the request for and presence of the ESA to those who may be impacted by the presence of the ESA, including Residence Life staff, actual and potential roommate(s), neighbor(s). Information will be limited to details about the animal.
      • Mental Health Provider Information Form (pg. 8-12 of ESA Application Packet) or submit separate letter or report including answers to all information requested on the Mental Health Provider Information Form. The provider should not be a family member.
    • Certification of Health of Animal from licensed veterinarian (completed within 60 days of request). This must include:
      • Annual health check-up
      • Description of pest treatments
      • Confirmation of current vaccinations for cats and dogs or any other animals requiring vaccinations
    • Current photo of the proposed emotional support animal
    • ***All required documents must be submitted before the DRC will review the ESA application.
  3. The DRC will work in conjunction with Housing & Residence Life to review the ESA application.
  4. ESA application decision will be communicated vie MSU email.
  5. If approved, the student may be required to meet with Housing and Residence Life and the DRC to review MSU's ESA guidelines and policies prior to moving ESA into residence hall.

Application materials can be uploaded to the student's DRC application. For steps on how to apply, visit https://www.drc.msstate.edu/students/apply-for-accommodations

Off-Campus Housing Marketplace

For students seeking off-campus housing options, visit https://offcampushousing.msstate.edu/listing. This site includes information about the following:

  • Apartment listings
  • Roommates
  • Subleases