Getting Tests to the Testing Center

Once a student has submitted a test request, the instructor will receive an email notification from the DRC. 

For Paper Tests:

  • The instructor can either deliver the test to the DRC Testing Center or email it to Please do not use campus mail for test delivery.
  • If emailing a test, attach it to the student's test request or indicate the student's name, course information, and date/time of test when emailing the test.
  • If there is important information that must be relayed to the student, please include it in a coversheet or instructions (ex. scantron, calculator, notes)

For Online Tests:

  • If the student is planning to test in the DRC computer lab and a password is required to access the test, please email the password to the DRC with the submitted test request.
  • Extended the testing time for the student
  • How to provide extended time on assignments and tests in Canvas: Canvas: Providing Extended Time Accommodations