Test Requests

Submitting Test Requests

  1. Log onto your MyState account and click Banner
  2. Select View Class Schedule and Grades and select Current Semester
  3. Locate the Test Request column at the far right of your schedule
  4. Click Submit Test Request for the course that will be testing
  5. Enter the following information:
    • Test Date: Enter the date of test 
    • Test Taking Aids: Reader/Writer accommodations only
    • Electronic Aids: Use of Calculator/Computer accommodations only
    • Notes Regarding Tests
    • Test Type: Select Online or Paper to indicate
    • Test Location: Select DRC Testing Center, Home, or Instructor Will Proctor. If student plans to use the computers at the Testing Center for online test, select Testing Center as the location.
  6. Check for accuracy and click Submit


Deadline for Test Requests

  • Mondays are the deadline for tests on Thursdays
  • Tuesdays are the deadline for tests on Fridays
  • Wednesdays are the deadline for upcoming Mondays
  • Thursdays are the deadline for upcoming Tuesdays
  • Fridays are the deadline for upcoming Wednesday