Course Substitution

The student should make a request through DRC to the Academic Accommodations Committee. Requests to the committee must be accompanied by current documentation that should provide persuasive evidence that the student is capable of academic success with appropriate academic and testing accommodations. Standardized test scores, historical information, and other standard evaluations should reveal clear deficiencies in these areas. In addition, a request for substitution can be made only after documented use of appropriate academic and testing accommodations.

The recommendation from DRC, along with documentation, will be considered by the Academic Accommodations Committee. The determination of this committee will be forwarded to the department in which the student is majoring, the student's dean's office, DRC, and Registrar’s Office.

If college requirements are being appealed, the dean and department head will make the final decision.

For appeals requesting substitution of university requirements, the dean will forward a recommendation to the Office of Academic Affairs.