How to Submit a Test Request

  1. Log into your MyState account
  2. Select Banner and go to myBanner for Students
  3. Under the Academic Records column, select View Class Schedule and Grades
  4. Select Current Semester. Your schedule will appear
  5. Locate the Test Request column on the far right of your schedule
  6. Click Submit Test Request for the correct course
  7. Enter the required information
  8. Check for accuracy and click Submit
  • Completing the Test Request Form:
  • Test Type: Select Online or Paper
  • Test Location: Select DRC Testing Center, Home, or Instructor will Proctor. If student plans to use the computers at the DRC Testing Center for online test, select Testing Center as the location.
  • Test Date: Enter the date of test. Test time will default to the regular class time. (Important: For classes that meet at different times throughout the week, make sure the date and time are both correct. If not, check the box marked “Class Schedule Conflict,” and input the correct date and time.
  • Class Schedule Conflict Checkbox: student should only check this box for the following reasons: 1) extended testing time conflicts with another class, 2) the class meets on a differing schedule (as described above), or 3) testing time will occur outside of the Testing Center's office hours (M-F, 8-5pm)
  • If you schedule your test for a time outside of the class schedule, explain the reason for the change in the Notes section. *** 
  • Test Taking Aids: This for students who have been approved for Reader/Writer accommodations only.
  • Electronic Aids: This for students who have been approved for calculator/computer accommodations only.
  • Notes Regarding Tests: Add information that will be important for the instructor or Testing Coordinator.


Deadlines for Test Requests

All test requests are due 3 business days in advance. Students who miss the deadline for a test request will test in the classroom without accommodations. 

●    Requests for Monday tests are due the prior Wednesday
●    Requests for Tuesday tests are due the prior Thursday
●    Requests for Wednesday tests are due the prior Friday
●    Requests for Thursday tests are due the prior Monday
●    Requests for Friday tests are due the prior Tuesday

Final exams operate under a different schedule. See Testing Information for Final Exams